Most versatile storage system on the planet

ShoreWall Systems were designed to store and organize anything. It uses the versatility of high quality pegboard and metal standards to let you adjust your shelves, hooks, and accessories without having to unscrew any screws. With pegboard and heavy duty shelving, ShoreWall gives you unlimited options for organization from little hand tools to big heavy boxes. Call today and ask how ShoreWall can organize your space.

Heavy duty metal construction

ShoreWall Systems are laser cut from quality heavy duty metal. Our shelves have been weight tested to hold and store up to 600 lbs. All the metal components of ShoreWall have been powder coated for a durable, protective coat. ShoreWall is engineered to be strong and durable enough for any space especially garages.

An attractive way to organize

ShoreWall Systems provide customers with a way to finally store and organize their belongings neatly without stuffing everything into a cabinet. ShoreWall comes in gray, bronze, and white color schemes. The heavy duty pegboard is finished with a solid or wood stained laminate. Custom color schemes can be ordered by calling (706) 883-6346.

DIY or We Install

ShoreWall Systems were designed as a do-it-yourself project easy enough for any home owner. We provide all the necessary hardware and even provide the studfinder (sold separately). If you have a screw gun, tape measure, and a Phillips head screwdriver you can install ShoreWall. If you would rather have one of our professionals install your system, please call (706) 883-6346 to schedule an appointment.

Easy to order prepackaged kits

ShoreWall Systems are sold in prepackaged kits or individual components. If you don’t see a kit that will satisfy your organizational needs, you can order the individual components online or call one of our organization experts. We are here to help you get your space organized.

Organization for any space

ShoreWall Systems are heavy duty, high quality systems that are aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, our systems can be installed in any space like garages, laundry rooms, basements, workshops, craft rooms, pantries, the list goes on. If you have any questions about your space, give us a call (706) 883-6346.

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